Cypres x Vertical Roadshow @ The Big French Record Event

Many people who have been involved say that there is nothing like the experience of achieving a formation record – that it is a transcendent feeling to which few things in life can compare. It is a lot of work though, a huge collection of logistical efforts and overall collected experience that can manifest as […]

Cypres x Vertical Roadshow @ Langar Midsummer Boogie

Skydive Langar is known for good parties. Located centrally in the UK, and with several connected university skydiving clubs providing youthful support – it usually plays host to two boogies each year. Boogies 1 and 2 typically represent bookends for the British skydiving season, just inside of when the clocks change in favour of shorter […]

Cypres x Vertical Roadshow @ APA Netheravon

Jumping out of aeroplanes is only really useful for a few things. With a couple of teeny exceptions such as fighting fires or performing wacky stunts for the media, skydiving is either for having fun or doing war. The skill sets required for these two applications are quite different, but overlap in enough places to […]

SkyHigh Skydiving – AB Boogie

Peterlee, UK: 16th-18th April 2021 Britain is generally, comparatively, a warm place. The gulf stream sends remnants of tropical storms out across the Atlantic to bounce up off the edge of Western Europe and swirl their relatively warm wet air across this fair, green land. Every now and then, when the wind comes from the […]


Our new tent for Europe event support is here. Hooray!

The Vertical x Cypres Road Tour 2021

Supporting events is an important part of being a manufacturer in the skydiving industry. Being out there in the world to connect in person with skydivers and dropzones builds connections and relationships that last, and having someone right there in front of you that can answer questions and help with informed decisions is valuable for […]

No Place Like Home

A funny piece about skydiving around the world – written during lockdown.