Supporting events is an important part of being a manufacturer in the skydiving industry. Being out there in the world to connect in person with skydivers and dropzones builds connections and relationships that last, and having someone right there in front of you that can answer questions and help with informed decisions is valuable for everyone. The best way to attend as many gatherings as possible is by teaming up, so after a couple of seasons spent testing and investigating the process – we are happy to be continuing (with growing ambition) the Vertical Suits and Cypres Road Tour – also featuring some additional support from Larsen and Brusgaard. The world is a little strange right now, so we are basically unable to provide a confirmed list of events – but we are able to react to what is happening and will share regular updates as we go.

Vertical Suits

Measurements: If you are not used to it, doing the measuring part of getting a new suit can be an anxiety-inducing prospect. Getting measured by someone whose job it is to do makes the whole thing quick and stress-free, and the new Vertical tent is set up as a comfortable space to do it properly in what can otherwise be a busy bustle of distraction. Getting measured takes about twenty minutes, and sooner is better than later.     

Advice: Our staff are able to answer any and all of the questions you have about our range of suits. There is lots of information already available on the Vertical website, but being able to pick the brain of somebody who can also show you examples of the different products at the same time is extra useful. 

Stock Suits and Demos: Out on the road we have a selection of our products to try, or buy, or both. While it is not practical to have a comprehensive set of styles, sizes and colours – we keep a range of the freshest designs for inspections and demonstrations. Being able to jump something is best, but there is a lot to be learned from being something up close and personal that can help you to arrive at the right choice. 


Cutter Demonstration: Do you know how your AAD works? Ever seen it in action? For Cypres, an important part of attending events and boogies is education. Witnessing the cutter demonstration is a valuable experience to spend a little time on and can be arranged on request. Stop by and ask to see it – and extra points are awarded if you bring friends and video it to share later.    

Advice: Skydiving is getting more complex all the time, and although your Cypres is designed to be as user friendly as possible – there are more things you can understand about operating it correctly. Have you heard people talk about altering their activation altitude? What do you need to know about this? Planning an innhopp somewhere? Do you know how to program an offset? Going over these things in person can add some real world experience to what is in the manual, and practicing it helps you to remember for later. 

Dekunu Units: Australian-based Dekunu have been steadily progressing with their smart altimeter project for several years now, and through a collaboration with Cypres we are able to offer demo units for people to jump with. Knowing things is good and there is a lot that can be learned about your jumps from the Dekunu device. Take one, jump it a few times and then return for a walk-through of how the cloud software system works. 

Larsen and Brusgaard

Demo Units: It is well known that LB makes great devices and are incredibly generous with their support for sport skydiving. With us on the road tour is a full complement of the  LB range for you to inspect, feel, and also jump with if you wish to. We can show you the functions of the various devices and share advice about what is the best for you to use.  

The 2021 range. Colours woo!
The tactical and test chamber demo cases.

Test Chamber: Is there was a way we could test any device right there in front of you? With the LB mobile vacum chamber, we totally can. Any device that needs inspection can quickly be put through a simulated skydive to be sure of accuracy and reliability. 

Who Do I Look For?

The Vertical/Cypres/LB guy is called Joel. He is very tall, and likes tea because he is British. He looks like this:

If you are nice to him, he might give you things.

What Else?

This collaborative effort between brands is a way to maximise the potential of a big road trip that includes as many events as possible. We are out in the world to promote various products by engaging with lots skydivers on the ground and in person, and also to support the skydiving community in all the ways that we can. Keep an eye on the event list – we look forward to seeing you out there somewhere!

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