How complicated can it possibly be? Not very, yet it is still worth investigating a little bit to pick exactly what you need…

Extra Inside Pocket: How ready are you to go skydiving? Do you have a pull-up cord for yourself and one to give away so you look like a stone-cold pro? A few bungees to dish out when you hear a twang and a curse word?

Jeans Style Pocket: Pockets for your hands to go in are super convenient and look cool. You can also use them for stuff if you remember to remove the stuff before you go jump. Life is choices.

RDS Pocket: When you need one of these for your detachable parachute parts, you need it to be the right thing. Well built and suitably sized. The bits go in easy but don’t come out until you want them to.

Visual Alti Pocket: For swooping there are those that swear by a leg pocket for their visual altimeter – as you can see it peripherally while setting up rather than looking up at your arm. When the time comes to wash your filthy swoop shorts, do remember to remove your expensive little device.

Large Cargo Pocket: Need some extra capacity for things? If you don’t have an inside pocket because you are just wearing pants and a t-shirt, this is what you might require for that radio, phone, squashed sandwich etc.

Small Leg Pocket: This one is excellent for the last-minute things you need in the plane. In perpetual need of lip bam while jumping? Lives here. Need a lens cloth for clumsy fingerprints on jump-run? Lives here.

Hook Knife Pocket: When you need a hook knife, you really, really need a hook knife. If you pursue something such as canopy formation work that greatly increases the likelihood of having to use one – and extra on your suit is perhaps wise.

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