Shorties and Summer Suits

The overall combination of the design templates, the available materials, and the specific options that can be applied means a jumpsuit can be constructed with a high degree of specificity depending on what you are trying to achieve. This flexibility is granted by trading properties – hard-wearing suits are warm, tight-fitting suits require precision flying, […]

Jackets, Pants, Legs, Sleeves

Pants and Jacket The pants/jacket combo still has a practical and useful role in skydiving, but the once fairly large market share that Freefly pants held is not a thing anymore because of the tunnel. No matter how well the two halves might fit you, using it in an indoor environment will have it untucked […]

Suits – The Right Fit

Suits are all really tight now, right? Not exactly. Tight suits represent certain choices that have a particular effect on what you are trying to achieve. As we have gotten better and better at flying we understand that it feels nicer the closer we get to applying our body shape as it really is to […]