Speed Suit vs. Phoenix Suit

Indoor bodyflight has become a sport with its own forms, methods and rules. Related to, but separate from skydiving – indoor flying has grown to require special suit designs that maximise the potential of every flyer. Let’s have a look at the two jumpsuits created specifically for the needs of the serious tunnel flyer – […]

Swoop Shorts

The swooping rabbit hole goes deep. By the time you arrive at the pointy end, the equipment you require is very specific – parachutes that you are supposed to store unpacked and lines that are too thin to be used for terminal deployments. As with how suit design works for other disciplines – it makes […]

Shorties and Summer Suits

The overall combination of the design templates, the available materials, and the specific options that can be applied means a jumpsuit can be constructed with a high degree of specificity depending on what you are trying to achieve. This flexibility is granted by trading properties – hard-wearing suits are warm, tight-fitting suits require precision flying, […]

Jackets, Pants, Legs, Sleeves

Pants and Jacket The pants/jacket combo still has a practical and useful role in skydiving, but the once fairly large market share that Freefly pants held is not a thing anymore because of the tunnel. No matter how well the two halves might fit you, using it in an indoor environment will have it untucked […]

The Viper vs. The Raptor

Some of the questions we get asked the most are about the differences between two of our most popular suits – the Viper and the Raptor. Let’s have a look at some of those differences to help you know which one is the best for you… Range: Over time we have added more and more […]

Viper Elite Review

A review by Joel Strickland of the Viper Elite – soon after its release in 2018.

Squeezy Suits

A piece about the progressive tightening of suits.