Caring For Your Suit

Your Vertical suit is built to last, from high-end materials, and will serve you well for many seasons to come. However, you do still need to look after it properly to keep it in tip-top shape. Here are a few things that will help you to turn out at your very best and care for […]

Speed Suit vs. Phoenix Suit

Indoor bodyflight has become a sport with its own forms, methods and rules. Related to, but separate from skydiving – indoor flying has grown to require special suit designs that maximise the potential of every flyer. Let’s have a look at the two jumpsuits created specifically for the needs of the serious tunnel flyer – […]

Swoop Shorts

The swooping rabbit hole goes deep. By the time you arrive at the pointy end, the equipment you require is very specific – parachutes that you are supposed to store unpacked and lines that are too thin to be used for terminal deployments. As with how suit design works for other disciplines – it makes […]

Options: Collars and Cuffs

Some of the available options seem like they are entirely cosmetic, but everything has a function – even if relatively small. The sport of bodyflight has progressed to the point where we are both willing and able to examine and analyse things in minute detail – because it matters. Cuffs The two kinds of cuff […]

Top Ten Measuring Tips

Relax – Measuring up for a new suit is a source of anxiety for many, but it is not difficult if you follow the guide and obey a few simple rules. Get Help – While it is technically possible to measure yourself, this is not recommended. There will be some touching – try not to […]

Options: Materials and Layers

No matter what type of bodyflight you pursue, you have a certain range of speeds within which you are comfortable. Early on in your training, both indoors and in the sky, your instructors and coaches fly to you – tailoring their fall rate to put you at the centre of your range. Your natural speed […]

Options: Pockets

How complicated can it possibly be? Not very, yet it is still worth investigating a little bit to pick exactly what you need… Extra Inside Pocket: How ready are you to go skydiving? Do you have a pull-up cord for yourself and one to give away so you look like a stone-cold pro? A few […]

Shorties and Summer Suits

The overall combination of the design templates, the available materials, and the specific options that can be applied means a jumpsuit can be constructed with a high degree of specificity depending on what you are trying to achieve. This flexibility is granted by trading properties – hard-wearing suits are warm, tight-fitting suits require precision flying, […]

Jackets, Pants, Legs, Sleeves

Pants and Jacket The pants/jacket combo still has a practical and useful role in skydiving, but the once fairly large market share that Freefly pants held is not a thing anymore because of the tunnel. No matter how well the two halves might fit you, using it in an indoor environment will have it untucked […]

Suits – The Right Fit

Suits are all really tight now, right? Not exactly. Tight suits represent certain choices that have a particular effect on what you are trying to achieve. As we have gotten better and better at flying we understand that it feels nicer the closer we get to applying our body shape as it really is to […]