Some of the available options seem like they are entirely cosmetic, but everything has a function – even if relatively small. The sport of bodyflight has progressed to the point where we are both willing and able to examine and analyse things in minute detail – because it matters.


The two kinds of cuff available offer a slightly different vibe to the overall look of your suit. Elastic cuffs are a bit more sporty, while hidden cuffs look a little more like street clothes. The measurements you take are the same, but the way they are built means the elastic version creates a bit less drag and the hidden option a little more. This can be an important consideration if you are a larger or smaller flyer building a suit to help with fall rate.

Elastic wrist cuff.
Hidden ankle cuff.

Closures – Velcro or Magnets?

They both look the same when the suit is done up – but there are a couple of reasons why the magnets are cool. Velcro is a very useful material, and while it will last for ages when used together with snaps – ultimately it can wear out. Also, anything that the scratchy part of velcro rubs against for any length of time might suffer wear – which can happen if you are not careful with it. The magnets we use are way stronger than they need to be to keep your suit closed no matter what, they don’t wear out and don’t rub on stuff.


As tunnel flying became more and more popular, people began to understand exactly how important it is for your suit to fit correctly. A jumpsuit that was too loose – particularly around the chest and neck – could and would inflate and flap in uncomfortable and distracting ways. In the sky, harness straps around your body mitigated this – but indoors it was something to be avoided (with a liberal application of duct tape if need be).

Over time tunnel suits got tighter and tighter, and generally now are only offered with a collar that fits snugly around the neck to stop air sneaking in. The High Collar and the Flexi Collar are what you want for the tube. The High version is fitted but stretchy for those that don’t like the feel of things high up around their neck. The Flexi is the full racing-driver choice for that techy feel and extra sporty look.

The ‘sky’ choices are our standard Half-Moon Collar, which is sweatshirt style – or the Rigid Collar, for that popped look and a touch more pizzazz.

High Collar
Rigid Collar
Flexi Collar
Half Moon Collar

As with so much of suit design, optimization is the keyword. You can do all things with all the collar choices – it is just they are tweaked in favour of certain strengths.

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