Suits are all really tight now, right?

Not exactly. Tight suits represent certain choices that have a particular effect on what you are trying to achieve. As we have gotten better and better at flying we understand that it feels nicer the closer we get to applying our body shape as it really is to create the movements, instead of relying on a bunch of material to help get the job done. That said, while tight designs are fashionable they have not replaced needing a more relaxed fit if you are bigger and/or heavier than the people you fly with.

The Vertical range of suits sometimes has a single choice for the fit. Sometimes there is more than one choice. There are also a couple of extra options to consider. Here are a few things to understand that will help you make the right decision…

One Choice Means One Choice: Skin-tight suit designs are only available this way. This is because they are for technical, flexible flying and would not work as anything looser than this. Fitted or relaxed fit options are made of robust, powerful, but non-stretchy fabrics such as Taslan and Cordura 160 supplemented with areas of spandex. The skin-tight suits are created all over from stretchy blended materials like Cordura Naturalle and Durastretch, allowing for the design to function correctly.

Example: Our Viper Original and Viper Pro designs are fitted suits – not stretchy but articulated with spandex, and even the tight fit of these are form-fitting but not skin-tight. The Speed and Phoenix suits are very much skin-tight. These designs are stretchy all over as they are made from a single fabric throughout. The Viper Elite is positioned in the middle ground, being skin-tight and made mostly of slightly stretchy fabric, but also with some spandex articulation.

Tightness Options

Extra Tight Legs: Over time, hardcore tunnel flyers learned that the combination of wind speed and flying technique provided as much speed as you can use. The extra fabric around the legs that everyone had been using for lift was not only not helping – it was actually hindering performance. Some experiments with duct tape proved the theory, and now it is rare to see indoor line-chasers using anything else.

Extra tight legs.
Extra tight sleeves.

Extra Tight Sleeves: When you get serious about turning points (and things get very serious) – fast arms are what is required. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction – so if you are sticking your arms out to build formations, no matter how good at it you are – the wind is pushing back against you. Fancy teams fly more with their legs to control position – the arms are for connecting as efficiently as possible

Looser Choices

When flying your body, the best place to be is in the middle of your range. With time and practice, you can become comfortable flying at the edges of your performance – but the right choice of how your suit fits means that you

If you are an extra big human, you may need to choose one of our designs that can be built in a loose fit. The Flex suit, Tunnel suit, and the Loose version of RW are available for people that go fast and require extra drag. It doesn’t matter that skinny suits are fashionable. What is cool? Being in your slot is cool.

Medium Fit: This serves the same function as a looser option. A medium-fit suit has a little additional room and will generate some extra lift, but is also potentially a goods choice if you skydive somewhere cold and need to wear extra layers underneath. The profile of the suit is still fitted to your body, and will not look baggy.

Relaxed Fit: Our Summer Shortie only has one choice. The relaxed fit is used here as the design is purposefully created to prioritize comfort and represent the feel of comfortable street clothes.

How To Choose

Are the people you fly with generally bigger than you? Get tight fit. Are the people you fly with generally smaller than you? Get medium fit. Are you massive? Get loose fit. If the fit option says skin-tight it means you can only have it that way. These suits will aid your flying, but are more technical and do not function correctly as a loose version.

With plenty of effort, you can grow your skill and extend your flying range a surprising amount. Getting the right suit that is going to help you from the outset is the way to go.

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