Options: Pockets

How complicated can it possibly be? Not very, yet it is still worth investigating a little bit to pick exactly what you need… Extra Inside Pocket: How ready are you to go skydiving? Do you have a pull-up cord for yourself and one to give away so you look like a stone-cold pro? A few […]

Options: Materials and Layers

No matter what type of bodyflight you pursue, you have a certain range of speeds within which you are comfortable. Early on in your training, both indoors and in the sky, your instructors and coaches fly to you – tailoring their fall rate to put you at the centre of your range. Your natural speed […]

Top Ten Measuring Tips

Relax – Measuring up for a new suit is a source of anxiety for many, but it is not difficult if you follow the guide and obey a few simple rules. Get Help – While it is technically possible to measure yourself, this is not recommended. There will be some touching – try not to […]

Options: Collars and Cuffs

Some of the available options seem like they are entirely cosmetic, but everything has a function – even if relatively small. The sport of bodyflight has progressed to the point where we are both willing and able to examine and analyse things in minute detail – because it matters. Cuffs The two kinds of cuff […]

Swoop Shorts

The swooping rabbit hole goes deep. By the time you arrive at the pointy end, the equipment you require is very specific – parachutes that you are supposed to store unpacked and lines that are too thin to be used for terminal deployments. As with how suit design works for other disciplines – it makes […]

Speed Suit vs. Phoenix Suit

Indoor bodyflight has become a sport with its own forms, methods and rules. Related to, but separate from skydiving – indoor flying has grown to require special suit designs that maximise the potential of every flyer. Let’s have a look at the two jumpsuits created specifically for the needs of the serious tunnel flyer – […]